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Heather Blenden.JPG

Heather Blenden

Ed. S

Head of School

Melanie Upton.JPG

Melanie Upton

Instructional Coach

Jena Brown.JPG

Jena Brown 

Pre-K3 Instructor

Ashlen Johnson.JPG

Ashlen Johnson

Kindergarten Instructor

Stephanie Vogle.JPG

Stephanie Vogle

Second Grade Instructor

Karen Levins.JPG

Karen Levins

Middle School

Social Studies Instructor

Heidi Miller.JPG

Heidi Miller

Middle School Math Instructor


Melinda Jones

Music Instructor

Allison Brown, speech

Allison Brown 

Speech Therapist

Renee Brown.JPG

Renee Brown 

Kindergarten Assistant

Hannah Montgomery.JPG

Hannah Montgomery

First Grade Assistant 


Malissia Chitwood.JPG

Malissia Chitwood

Operations Director

Preschool Director,

Florence Gardens Campus

Katy Fitzgerald.JPG

Katy Fitzgerald

Pre-K2 Instructor

Amy Campbell.JPG

Amy Campbell

Prek-K4 Instructor

Hayley Bobinger.JPG

Hayley Bobinger

First Grade Instructor

Nicole Hopkins.JPG

Nicole Hopkins

Third Grade Instructor

Meredith Carriere.JPG

Meredith Carriere

Middle School Language Arts Instructor

Tracy Broome.JPG

Tracy Broome

Art Instructor

Carla Nugent.JPG

Carla Nugent

Library/ History/ Instructional Support 

Francis Jaquet

Francis Jacquet

Band Director

Heather Blenden.JPG

Ashley Johnson

Pre-K3 Assitant

Screen Shot 2022-08-02 at 11.04.03 AM.png

Amanda Kimball

Preschool Director 
Bayou View Campus

Chasity Bryant.JPG

Chasity Bryant

Pre-K2 Instructor

Hallie Collins.JPG

Hallie Collins

Kindergarten Instructor

Rose Tournillon.JPG

Rose Tournillon

First Grade Instructor

Lisa Younghouse.JPG

Lisa Younghouse

Fourth Grade Instructor

Angel Dedual.JPG

Angel Dedual

Middle School STEM Instructor

Nimah Purdy.JPG

Nimah Purdy

Physical Education Instructor

Claudia Meza.JPG

Claudia Meza

Spanish Instructor

Talicia Corlett.JPG

Talicia Corlett

Pre-K4 Instructor

Heather Robinson.JPG

Heather Robinson

First Grade Assistant 


Deborah Daniels (2).JPG

Deborah Daniels


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